Cooking lessons for kids and adults


Jo Anne Larzik
Author, Let The Kids Cook!
Certified Holistic Nutritional Practitioner
Certified ServSafe food handler
Owner/Teacher – Now We’re Cookin’! Kids®
Owner/Teacher – Kids Who Cook For Those in Need®      Certified in First Aid and CPR

At 12 years of age, Jo Anne (aka: Ms. Jo Anne), an overweight child, was afraid of being taunted by her peers during her adolescent years.  She asked her father to take her to Weight Watchers, the only weight loss center around at that time.  As there were no prepared meals available, other than frozen TV dinners (a blessing in disguise), she taught herself how to cook all of her meals from scratch.   Jo Anne lost 23 pounds in 9 months by learning how to eat properly; primarily fresh foods, in moderation, coupled with a certain amount of physical activity.

While attending Syracuse University School of Art and Monmouth College (University) School of Education, Jo Anne expanded on her own cooking techniques and was always able to maintain her weight with healthy eating. She has two children and three step children, now grown, all of whom knew how to cook by the time they were 8.

Aside from her own success story, Jo Anne (aka: Ms. Jo Anne), has been teaching this important life skills to children, ages 5 and older, for over 15 years under her trademark Now We’re Cookin’! Kids®, with a 95% success rate!  She has always believed that “if you expose children to different foods at an early age they will be more apt to try new things, especially if they participate in the actual cooking of the meal” and that is her goal to Let The Kids Cook!  “Healthy eating is a lifestyle choice!”

Jo Anne also volunteers her time to cook for the Denver Rescue Mission hoping to use her influence there to create healthier meals for those less fortunate.

Jo Anne currently resides in the Denver, CO area with her husband Patrick, her cat Olive and her Labrador, Truffles.

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