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See what parents and kids have to say about our classes!

Ms. Jo Anne is the best cooking teacher ever! She has a selection a selection of yummy foods that are very heathy and are mostly organic. My favorite day is Friday because I get to go to cooking and cook some appetizers and sometimes dinner for my family! I really hope to see your son/daughter at cooking class sometime soon!    – Whitney (age12)

Our daughter had a great time, gained confidence and ability to really prepare food! JoAnne is so incredibly skilled and joyful about sharing her profession. Thank you JoAnne for the life long lessons!  – Julie Spalding

My 7 year old can chop, dice, sauté, bake cookies…all independently!  – The Joneses

Cooking is my favorite after school activity. I am learning to cook from scratch, not out of a box. I try lots of new things I never had before. I like most of them too!       – Betsy(age 8)

Very impressed with Ms Jo Anne’s cooking camp. All the food was amazingly good as well as healthy. As an added bonus, my 6 year old daughter was washing dishes on her own by the end of the week and enjoying it!     – Sara Wells

Ms. JoAnne rocks!  My kids have created some fabulous dishes that not only have they eaten, but my husband and I have loved!  (We fought over a few!)  JoAnne has a passion for bring good healthy food to our kids in a way that they enjoy creating and eating!!                                                                – Nora Radz – mom of Mila (6), Alex & Brady (8)

My daughter, Lauren,  learned so much from Miss JoAnne.
She learned to be confident in the kitchen, she learned to weigh and to measure, to cut properly, and, of course, to cook some pretty impressive meals.
But Miss JoAnne taught her so much more in the process- to use fresh herbs, the value and meaning of nutrition, to experiment and be creative and to use proper etiquette. She still has those values today and she still cooks with friends. And every time she does, she says “I miss Miss JoAnne.”                     – Carolyn Campo

“After the first day at cooking camp my 5.5 year old wanted to do the dishes after dinner…and she did it correctly!”  Her new favorite food is faro with roasted vegetables thanks to cooking camp!” – Cheryl Jones

Ms. JoAnne is a very special teacher. She has opened my 6 year old son’s eyes up to foods I never thought I would see him eat and enjoy. Spinach, quinoa salad, carrot soup. David loves his cooking lessons.            –Michele Hirsh

V just shared his goodies with us. Everything is so good! When I said how yummy the soup was, V said, “We make magic in that kitchen.”       –Lecia West

Val graduated last week and we were reminiscing about her cooking days. Thank you for a wonderful experience you provided. We have a photo album of her weekly creations from your kitchen. My how time flies! –Trish Lanza 

Summer camp – Thank you for making this past week of cooking so special and fun for Hannah.   She was smiling from ear-to-ear yesterday when she told me all the foods.   They were all delicious!  My husband I enjoyed them.   I am glad you included the recipes for them too.  – Frances Norris

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